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    Osborne Tanekha

    I do very much hope that I will get the advice and help that I am seeking towards development of the initiative hereinafter

    2008 and 2013 elections in Zimbabwe came and passed with a lot of people in town blaming the voter numbers in the rural areas when in both elections Mr. Mugabe won with sweeping numbers. One day I decided to visit my rural home and that is when I came up with this idea.

    It is said that during campaigns, rural folk were shown a computer and some were seeing it for the first time. They were told that this computer can know what you are thinking about voting for and can also know whom you voted for. Out of fear, my people voted against their will.
    I was touched by this discovery and asked myself: How many rural constituencies did these people use the same tactic? How long will it take people to realize that this claim is just a white elephant?

    Besides politics, I also notice something in schools and communities.

    – There are no libraries yet internet is full of downloads
    – People travel to do banking yet mobile banking and e-banking can be tight inside the house.
    – Letters get lost or delay arriving yet email is just a click away.
    I thought again: How can these people realize the full benefits of ICT?

    The solution, I thought is RURAL INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE (RURALIT). Even if I haven’t put anything on the ground yet, I am confident that starting a non-governmental organization is the way forward. BUT the challenge is:
    Where do I get professional advise?
    Where do I get the computers?

    I see you have such an initiative going on. I want to know more from you.

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    i give a standing ovation on this initiative. but i wish we could be more pragmatic about ICT in Nigeria especially in rural communities. furthermore it will be more beneficial if you broaden you target for the seminar to other states.

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      Thanks so much for your comment. You see we all have a role to play. We must each play our role where we are because nobody is coming from Mars to help Africa meet its ICT needs. We are doing what we can where we are. It is always easier to do nothing but we reject that. No matter how small do something. And in line with our mission we run this and similar initiatives as our input into ensuring ICT drives development. We also provide training and seminars in other states and locations. We organize such seminars and training programs with governmental, non governmental, educational, corporate organizations, reputable individuals or social, faithbased OR youth/student groups that make arrangements with us.

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    Temitope James

    Quite interesting. Very impressed with what the African Cyber Safety has achieved. Keep it up. This initiative should be supported by all.


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