ICT for the development and growth of Children, Children are the Future. Learn how to secure this future in effective and meaningful ways. The Children must go digital to fully participate, benefit and make headway in today’s world. To create a Better Future we must start showing genuine interest in guiding, inspiring, and protecting children and young people in Information Technology. Jidaw is committed to both fostering the interest of the youth in the online world and also highlighting the dangers in this dynamic environment. Indeed African children must be active participants in using ICTs to drive change and accelerate development. And through the African Children Cyber Safety Initiative (ACCSI) we recognize and prevent the threats associated with our growing dependence on technology. Information security for all, most especially children, is not an option. Online safety is a necessity for anyone who wants to make sense and benefit from the information and knowledge based society. Do children have the online protection they deserve? Are children building the skills to profit and change the world through IT? The reality will startle you. Children need information, direction and guidance. Inspire children to reach for the highest heights through innovative thinking and doing in ICT, while at the same time getting them to protect themselves from the inherent dangers. Jidaw welcomes students, parents, teachers, educators and other stakeholders to the Digital Reality.

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