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    Chimezie Ozuruigbo

    I worked closely with you for a very long time. You taught me everything I have known since my worklife began. You were a father to me. I will never forget every single moment with you.
    Baba, you will be greatly missed.

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    is with the greatest shock of my life i read about your demise Engr chijioke Agu. you were a great and loyal friend to the company and patronised us till this year when you visited with your son. we were shocked beyond words when we learnt you were no more and we kept on asking, cgijioke what really happened. You never looked like someone who will not stay next 20 years. you were very good to us, very jovial, always cracking jokes yet a hard business bargainer. why so early? what really happened?
    it pains us to the marrow and each day we read about you, we shed hot tears. you were one in a million in a class of your own, ever well dressed full of wisdom and a fearless yet respectable man. Thank you for being nice to us and the staff. may you enjoy peace in the bossom of our Lord. we surely miss you

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    Chijioke was an exceptional man and a very loyal friend. He flew in to my village when my father died . He was a man you could not ignore. very jovial but business like . A very good man, a great man, very accomplished and fulfilled.A workaholic and very focussed. May God accept his soul. Fare thee well great man

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    He was a good family friend, very jovial and always eager to help. I am shocked over his sudden death. May God accept his soul and give his family fortitude to bear this great and untimely loss. Adieu sir

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    Daniel Aboagye

    Chairman Simeon is one of the African’s great software engineers of our time and this is a great loss not only to his family but it is a great one for us as Africans.

    Our company just signed a deal with Neptune just weeks ago and while we never met him personally, you we could sense his great accomplishment from the mark is made on the African Banking continent with is Neptune company in UK. Our due deligence process was tough but his Neptune Company met the mark and won our business – the should tell you how great he his at what he does. His company – Neptune – has been ranked as one of the best banking software company in Africa today and Neptune ranks as one of the top 10 (normally top 5) in Africa in last 1-3 years if not more.

    While his sucesses were not achieved on silver platter, his accomplishment is a great inspiration to me as a young African Business Professional. He has led the way in many ways and helped chalked Africa on the Global Banking Map.

    Chairman, you will always be remembered by the many you have and continue to inspire and may your soul rest in perfect peace.

    Daniel Aboagye,

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    Chairman is gone but his legacy is still alive.

    Engr Chijioke Simeon Agu(CSA)

    He has touched so many souls and He was a legend and an epitome of business intelligence, an innovator with good charater.
    He exposed so many people to the information technology world which I am one of them.He picks people from no where and make them to attain heights.

    Chairman,May your soul rest in perfect peace.

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      May his soul rest in peace. You can always send your condolences on the ISPON site

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    Dr. Sanjay Prakash Sahoo


    Only once in a life time you come accross such a legend
    A wonder, a miracle who for his principles would never bend

    Towering heights did he achieve and millions did he inspire
    Followers trooped accross generations for such a fine technocrat and a visionary so rare

    Always Big enough to Act and Sensitive enough to listen
    Laid the foundation stone of Core Banking Solution in Nigeria and made sure it’s never shaken

    Always creative, aggressive,restless and stiving for perfection to the very core
    We will surely miss you BABA as we fondly called you but your words will guide our spirit to go for more

    Being from a country of 2 billion I have but this much to say

    GOD only chances upon such a creation such a gem, a blessing in an infinite way

    Blessed are all of us who benefitted from his vast knowledge and experience
    May his soul rest in peace for this I pray

    He will carry on in our hearts and minds as we follow his golden rules till our very own last day

    ( My condolences to the Family and the Near and Dear Ones )

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      May his soul rest in peace. You can always send your condolences on the ISPON site

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    Uju Diru

    Mr. Agu was a very ambitious man. He was a friend to my parents. Am rather shocked to hear of his passing. If I had my way, it would have been nice to exchange pleasantries with him
    I pray God gives his family the strength to bear the loss.

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      May his soul rest in peace. You can always send your condolences on the ISPON site


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