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    Prof may your soul rest in peace. My days in UI were made comfortable by your efforts in ensuring I got Hostel accommodation even when I had failed on my own.

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    I have always admired Baba from my first year in Ibadan. An adept teacher who is very unassuming. It took a strange combination of depth and clarity to introduce a ‘fresh from high school’ greenhorn like many of us were in 1982, to University Physics. Professor Awe and many of his colleagues did. He came down to our level while not losing the required rigor. I had the good fortune of being his student at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
    My greatest joy is that a few years after he scoffed in a data analysis class about the probability of Christ ever returning, he became a regenerated christian and served the Lord to the very end.

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    Amoo Olusina

    May your gentle soul rest in peace sir.
    I’m a beneficiary of your down-to-earth work on physics. You truly live on.


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