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    Muhammad naseer Abdullahi


    I am very happy for the this site b/c i am a member nacoss in atapoly chapter bauchi

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    We are longing to see when youths out of NACOSS be recognized and given the opportunity and privilege to promote NCS ideology in awarding NITMA/NITDA awards. I’ve not seen were an engineer is handed a noble award or our students in the tertiary institutions given an award aside competitions and Multinational Promos bur they’re the ones exercising and performing all that the NCS journals have published in four years. They played the key role in the cyber security and the fight in cybercrime implementation of all IT gadgets in Nigeria today. Who knows if they’ll be invited to 2012 NITMA awards talk more of being part of the nominees. Finally, when you bring on the youths on-board for Award measure, They scrabble to make NCS voice be heard expediently


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