Nigeria Computer Society Tribute to Steve Jobs

Nigeria Computer Society Tribute to Steve Jobs

Nigeria Computer Society NCS mourns the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple co-Founder and Chairman

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) is sad to learn about the untimely death of Apple founder, Steve Jobs who passed away on October 5, 2011. NCS offers condolences to his family and friends, the people of America and many all over the world whose lives have been touched by this incredible man. The great innovator and entrepreneur is no longer with us. Steve Jobs is dead. The IT community world over mourns the loss of the Apple chairman and former CEO. Immeasurable – that’s the impact he had on the world through personal computers, smartphones, tablets, mobile computing and digital animation. He made a difference across the globe. The world is going to miss Steve Jobs.


We mourn the loss of this incredible man who at the age of 20 started Apple in his parent’s garage with Steve Wozniak in the mid 1970s. Together they built the company into a forerunner and global leader in the personal computer world. Their efforts and those of other pioneers opened the door to the Personal Computer revolution. As IT professionals and stakeholders we appreciate and cannot underestimate his contributions. Indeed as we use our PCs and laptops, how many of us realize that Steve Jobs was the visionary who first saw the massive social and commercial potential of the mouse-driven graphical user interface?

Though he left Apple, after losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1985, his efforts in film animation recorded incredible success. His remarkable return to Apple as CEO stimulated innovation to unprecedented levels through Apple release of the iPod portable music player, iTunes digital music software, iPhone multi-touch display cell phone and iPad tablet computer.

It is impossible to avoid the effects of this visionary, pioneer and genius, who has profoundly changed the world through what he did in business, innovation, and product design. He made computers more personal, more attractive, more human. He brought technology into homes and closer to the people with the iPad and iPhone. He led the revolution in changing the making of movies, the selling of music, and changing the way we work and play with technology. He contributed in no small measure in taking technology beyond the work environment to become part of our everyday lives.


We celebrate Steve Jobs, whose vision in co funding Apple at the age of 20 is worthy of emulation and challenges young people all over the world. But it was not all smooth sailing for him. He dropped out of college due to family circumstances and a need to grow his interests and own his plan for his life. He also had to leave Apple, the company he co founded, in unpleasant circumstances. However, refused to be deterred by his challenges. He instead used the discomfort to become more creative and rediscover himself. We are inspired by the way he bounced back to achieve amazing success in computer animation which eventually led to his return to Apple and the almost unbelievable resurgence of Apple. His message: Pain can lead to gain. Good can come out of what seems bad. His obsession for perfection, his forward thinking approach and his never say die attitude all contributed to his success.

By staying true to his dreams despite the obstacles and challenges he is truly inspirational. His life inspires us, not to be copycats but to be creative, hold on to our dreams and do what we love. He dared to confront and change the status quo. We are inspired by his 2005 commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in which he states that the unconventional choices he made paved the way toward his eventual success. “You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


Steve Jobs was not perfect. He had his flaws and weaknesses, just like any other human being. We however celebrate him because despite human failings he opened new vistas and changed the way we think about and interact with technology through the products he imagined and created. He drove innovation by foreseeing and setting technology trends. This pioneer’s story is both inspirational and remarkable building Apple from his parents’ garage to become one of the world’s most successful companies.

The passing away of Steve Jobs highlights the transient nature of life. Sadness is understandable, especially because he died at such a relatively young age (56). We must not be consumed by grief but should instead learn the right lessons at this time. He changed the world by making it better.

Steve Jobs has run his race. What can we learn from his example, so that can we can continue ours with purpose? One thing stood out about Steve Jobs. He was an innovator, a creative genius with no respect for status quo. There is no doubt that the IT industry and world have been impacted immensely by his innovative leaning. He will remembered for leading the way in making successful innovation about people – connecting not just businesses but people to technology.

A lot has happened in the IT world and thanks to the efforts of Steve Jobs and others the consumer markets are growing worldwide. But in terms of overall global development, the world is still scratching the surface in IT. Nigeria and other African and developing countries are yet to fully tap into the unlimited potential IT has to offer. Technological developments mean nothing until you use them to fuel social and economic progress in all parts of the world. The story of Steve Jobs highlights what creativity and purpose can achieve through technology. We should be challenged to be innovative and forward thinking in ensuring that IT is used to fight hunger, poverty, disease and unemployment on a global scale.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, pioneer and genius. The impact he had on the world is a gift for which we are forever grateful. The IT community misses you. The world misses you very much. But you have sown the seeds for a great future. Goodbye, Steve Jobs. Rest in Peace.

Our hearts are with his family at this time of loss.

With deepest sympathy,

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)

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