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    U. Udoh

    The CBN should be reminded to inform the public (or qualified candidates) of the result of the mass recruitment of IT professionals it conducted sometimes ago.

    As NCS and CPN do not discriminate against HND/BSC, they should ensure that HND Computer Science are not underrated compared to other HND Holders. For instance, HND Accounting starts on GL 08, while HND Computer Science starts on GL 07 (Data processing Officer). Most HND holders rise to GL 14 at least, but HND Computer Science stops at GL 13. NCS/CPN should work hard on a new “Information Technology” Cadre. A programmer is a programmer, an IT Professional is an IT professional irrespective of HND or BSc. NCS/CPN do something!

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    Akande Mathew Olusade

    “The Computer Professionals of Nigeria should be empowered to combine efforts to invigorate and accelerate manpower development in area of local software application and services developments. Such application should be localized in the various Nigeria languages”. I have been fully convinced that this point (No.5) (part quoted above) should be our starting point and pragmatic actions. In a nutshell, the major problem militating against our MDGS is lack of a unified language – (Lingual Franca). Intellectual researches conducted under reference, had revealed this fact. A typical example of it is the advent of Handset (GSM). Virtually every Nigerian is manipulating it positively on daily basis even the nomadics at their various grassing fields respectively. With God on our sides 24/7, let’s swing into serious action now because tomorrow might be too late, God forbids! Congrats, NCS.


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