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    I agree with Jidaw on the opinions he expressed with regards to the Minister’s mid-term report and the way she has been going on about her administration since she gets appointed as Minister, i think there is need for more advocacy group and intelligent writers/bloggers in IT so that they can form a formidable pressure group whose opinions and views must be respected and considered by the Ministry of Communication and Technology.

    I also think there is need for the younger generation in NCS take control of the society, without fresh thinking, the younger techies will not reach their maximum potentials by allowing greed and corruption to clog the wheels of progress in the society.

    I also wish Jidaw will do write ups on the advantages in the oil and gas sector for young technopreneurs and IT guys cos the opportunity their is enormous!

    Thumbs up JIDAW, i hope you keep this up, you are a shinning light for young up-coming techies.

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      Thank you for your kind words, as well as your very thoughtful comments. We need more people like you contributing your thoughts in IT to move this nation forward. You can be one those intelligent writers/bloggers in IT. Hope you can do a guest post on the oil and gas sector for young technopreneurs you suggested.
      Thanks once again and keep spreading the word.


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