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    Akande Mathew Olusade



    Conferences; Seminars; Workshops, Summits and Learned/Intellectual Fora were organized to create awareness and raise consciousness of the need to make people more responsible and responsive to the challenges of their environments, careers, future or the precious life which has no duplicate at all. This educative awareness is considered potent enough to liberate human beings from the abysmal pit of darkness.

    Nigeria our great country is a blessed nation in all ramifications. No doubt about this. But, the only problem is the fact that, we failed to discover, utilize and acknowledge our creativities, talents, gifts and the numerous potentials in our midst.

    However, in this new demanding and competitive society, we have to be adequately and timely informed, aware of our abilities, limitations and realistic about our goals. Above all, we need the courage of “Never to give up on our positive dreams”. This is the hallmark of development.

    “Success simply means the achievement of your positive purposes whatever it may be”. Moreover, other developed countries of the world today give deserved dignity to all trainings and jobs. And those who hold even the most mental jobs raise their heads high in the public. We need a complete re-orientation of our minds and of our values if we would not continue to find ourselves in the vehicle of perpetual backwardness. Ironically, the ardent issue and jinx of “Certificate Acquisition” have been broken by Bill Gates; hence the value of theoretical output only, has been defeated through the advent manifestation of Microsoft and others.

    Again, it is a known fact that ‘greatness does not consist of the position you hold, the money you have or the things which you use, but is in the positive contributions which you have made to humanity’. This is the wheel of sustainable national developments.

    ICT is an enabling tool in the sense that poor and less priviledged people can shape their decisions that affect their lives positively. They can easily grasp economic and social opportunities embedded in ICT easily. ICTs need to be conveyor of locally relevant messages and information. They need to provide opportunities for local people to interact and communicate with each other, expressing their own ideas, knowledge and culture in their own languages. Frankly, we need a ‘ lingual franca software solution” in Nigeria. Studies had proved it beyond any reasonable doubt that “there is no illiterate in this country”. Also, “language is the only security and development” anywhere around the globe! This is another challenge to all Linguistics and IT Professionals because human elements must gear up toward “Change” since ‘change’ is said to be a permanent thing while the biggest problem is the management of that ‘change’. This reform must be sustained because ‘change is inevitable’.

    This is an actual period for every participant, practitioner and genuine stakeholder to realize that before a meaningful and effective change or reforms on IT could be materialized, adequate POWER SUPPLY must be achieved. Also, training and re-training of IT personnel is compulsory in order to keep pace with daily technical advancement in its (IT) field of operation. There must be adequate remuneration and motivation of IT staff in a bid to minimize internet fraud.

    Moreover, according to Susan Dumais (a Senior Research Fellow) at Microsoft Live Laboratory, she proffers a solution to problem thus:

    “Solving today’s toughest problems takes more than a good idea. It also requires sharing ideas and thinking about solutions by interacting with people at ALL levels to understand the problems they have and how we can solve those problems with care, respect, mutual understanding, techniques and technology”.

    In the same vein, “We must not just open the door only, but enable people to walk through it with ease and satisfaction”, sayeth Gordon Brown, the former British Prime Minister.

    Finally, According to Jide Awe, “We cannot be serious about ICT for development if we are not building local human capital required in this age of innovation and technological change”

    Thank you.
    08033777581 NCS Member (MRN 03774)


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