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    Egein Baralate

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with paper certifications, I think the problem lies in the examiner. If creativity is want you want, then why don’t you test for creativity, I doubt if anyone can cram creativity. An individual that crams for a test would surely fail during his/her probation period at a job, unless the company is willing to keep cheap labor. Creativity is tested during the job, you can’t cram if you’re told to come up with new ideas that’ll place your company above other competitors. Maybe companies should employ individuals with more than just a paper, and finally, Talent and Creativity is not enough. Thank you.

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      Thanks for your comment. You are quite right from your perspective. My focus however is on those who acquire certificates but don’t also invest in the right practice and study required to work on the field. For example, cramming to pass an MS Server exam without having the capacity to implement, administer, and troubleshoot the MS Server in real life, in the work place.
      In the real world where you have to interact with people to get results, I certainly agree that creativity and talent are not enough.
      Thanks once again for your constructive comments.


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