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    Is important that our government to have its media network to create awareness on the future coming hacking treats to come. I have created http://www.akacomng.com as my own little way to let the world know what hacking and hackers can do. Is above your imagination.

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    Information security is a huge topic to cover. Therefore your initial statement which states you require technical ICT is wrong to a certain degree. I am an information security analyst with over 7yrs experience and I am vast in the areas of information security. It does require a technical element to a certain degree but you do not need to be technical. There is a difference between security anlyst and information security specialist. Security analyst are technical while information security specialist/analyst are more managerial orientated looking at polices and procedures which covers all the domains of information security. Just clarifiying the differences as I notices people get them mixed up.

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    People must come to note that this bombing issue is going to be child play compared to hacking,the level of operation the bad guys will deal with unsecure information assets and network from poor security policy, e-mail attacks and malicious code viruses which will be in the future.
    Nigerian are good in watching things happen, they can replay it with non-stop. IT security is very important for all companies.
    Jidaws we greet una!

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    Henry Rashel

    I love browsing your site because you can constantly get us new and cool things, I think that I must at least say a thank you for your hard work.

    – Henry


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