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    Thanks so much for this info, really appreciate it. So, how much, exactly, does it take to be ccna and ccnp certified – training and certification?

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      Thanks for your interest and appreciation of our efforts. We commend you on your ambition and initiative.

      The CCNA training we offer is a Cisco foundational and skill building program. Though CCNA is the most popular entry-level networking certification program, there are several other important Networking programs and certifications as well. No one program can teach you everything about Cisco or cover all aspects of Networking. The focus is on Cisco Networking fundamentals and CCNA exam preparation.

      It combines what we consider to be the right combination of theory and practicals for CCNA exam preparation.

      Time taken to achieve a certification varies from individual to individual. It all depends on your background, quality of preparation and your level of motivation.

      Most importantly it requires a sound technical background, as well as the right attitude and motivation. A major requirement is that the participant must understand, have the need and be motivated to build a career with Cisco networking expertise. This is important.

      Once this understanding is in place, good communications and the readiness to make the quality effort the program requires are critical and necessary.

      For all our courses there is assessment throughout and at the end of the course (exam). We issue certificates to those who meet up to our assessment standards during and by the end of the course.

      Training is a major part of exam preparation, but other important aspects include reading and practicing. During the course you will be guided on all these aspects. It is an intensive program that works for all who have the interest and are sufficiently motivated to make the effort. We are proud of our students who are achievers with CCNA.

      NOTE: To succeed with Jidaw and in your IT Career you must possess the Drive and Motivation to achieve and advance -commitment plus effort. Come if your focus is on substance, not flashy setup or gimmicks.

      Also Get all information you can about the CCNA exams and Always be on the lookout for both the information needed to pass the exam and the information needed to actually work in the real world.
      You can get such information here:

      We sincerely appreciate your interest and concern. We will strongly advise that before you commit any funds, you first of all call to discuss more on Tel: 08052647395, 07052509148, 08035007778.

      Keep on track with your great ambition and initiative! May you have a fulfilling and fruitful career!

      The Team @ Jidaw.com
      E-mail: training@jidaw.com Website: http://www.jidaw.com

      Jidaw….More Knowledge! More Power!

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    i am happy to visit this website

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      You are welcome. Please spread the news

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