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    In Nigeria certification is good because Nigeria value paper rather than skills acquired, that is why people are running to be certified, but can you display the skills which you claimed you are certified? (Nigeria mentality with paper work)

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      True talk, you are so right! Certificate without skills to back it up is worthless. Thanks for your comments.

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    As a 100 level student of computer science at the university of ibadan, i believe certifications are helpful in career building but are in no way a garantee of better life or a sparkling career. Certifications are important in Nigeria though as a trip to Jobberman.com would reveal that a lot of nigerian employers place a premium on certifications. Just my 2cents.

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      Your comments are valid – certification is helpful and attractive to employers but is no guarantee of long term career success. It is means to an end; not the end itself. Thanks for your useful input.

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